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IF CAFE Racers, retros, and cool bikes get your attention, go and check out the Skyteam Ace 125cc.
Its look is heavily based on the Honda RC110 road racer from the 1960s, and its a fun motorcycle to ride. Learner riders, lady riders, and guys looking for a retro piece of cool riding kit should line up now to check one out in the flesh.

Little 125cc single - fun but not powerful.Briefly, what we have here is a Chinese motorcycle, which world-wide is known as the Skyteam Ace 125. The Ikonik Motorcycle Company situated in Western Australia is the Australian Importer. In 2004 Honda reproduced the 110 as the limited edition Honda Dream 50. The Skyteam Ace 125 was inspired from the Dream.
And what’s wrong with that? Nothing, let me on it.

When I was called in to take this little beauty for a ride, I already had a picture in my head.
Fully tucked in, flying across a finish line, first of course, all captured in Black and White…oh yeah.

Cycle Torque HQ

When I turned up to pick up the Skyteam the conversation went like this. “Geez Picko, the dry weight is 87kg. I have just had lunch and my wet weight is more than that. Do you think this little Ace is up to it?”

“Mate, you look good on that, the power will suit your ability,” said editor Picko.

“Give me the key, I‘m out of here.”

What can I say, the Ace is a real eye catcher. Red frame, silver tank which is long, sleek and makes me think of a fuselage on a plane. Low bars, drum rear brake, short stubby pipe, single seater, two gauges which tell you the basics such as blinkers, high beam and most importantly the speedo. Something else I noticed was I had a choice to turn off the headlight, which I immediately switched on.
Fuel on, bit of choke and I kick the Ace over. Lovely little thud thud from the four stroke, two valve engine. Yes it has a kick-starter, and the electric leg.

The Skyteam Ace's 5-speed box gets a good workout.

The Skyteam Ace’s 5-speed box gets a good workout.

The ride

Not even out of the car park, the smile is on my face.
The Skyteam Ace is just so simple and basic, taking me back to my earlier years when I first hit the bitumen, legally for the first time. I am in and out of traffic giving the 5-speed box a real workout. Nothing wrong with the changes either.
Fantastic fun.

I keep thinking, ‘geez I am absolutely carving these simpleton car drivers up, better check the old speedo’. Oh, only going 65km or so. Wow, this bike could be a licence saver for me. I must look good on it, because as far as I am concerned everyone is just gawking at this Skyteam Ace.

Everywhere I stop, onlookers flock on over. Editor Picko mentioned it was equally popular during the photo shoot, something I was not invited to, I might add. Could have something to do with my wet weight.
Anyway a fella stopped and mentioned he thought it was an early model Ducati racer.
Even when I had to finally spend $6 to fuel up – by the way Picko it was 98 octane and I have the receipt – the service station attendant bailed me up and had a good look over the bike. He loved it.

Talking fuel economy, I was getting around 3.5l/100km or in old school talk, bit over 80 mpg.
Yeah well, enough said there. Unbelievable.
I ventured into some twisties and gave the telescopic front forks and twin rear shocks a bit of a workout. The 18″ rib tyres did the job.
The bike is just so easy and fun to ride, like motorcycling should be.
For the record, I was also descending quite a steep mountain and was definitely giving the Skyteam Ace’s top speed a real nudge.

The Skyteam Ace is capable of 3.5l / 100km.

The Skyteam Ace is capable of 3.5l / 100km.

Keep it stock?

Now with a bike like this, a bit of customising could personalise/change the look very quickly.

The boys at Cycle Torque would definitely drop a couple of neat bar end mirrors on the Ace. Maybe a chrome pipe or at least knock the back out for some nice music. Sorry to the noise protesters. For the tech heads who like their ‘tweaking’ things I guess you could have a play to get a bit more power and improve the suspension. I like simple myself, some say very simple, so my changes would be to adjust the mirrors and check the tyre pressures. This bike has it all. Try this, just ride it.

Verdict – Market

Kick starter is there if the electric leg has an issue.

Kick starter is there if the electric leg has an issue.


Who would ride this bike you say? Well anyone.
Great for a burn around town on the weekend. A new rider who might have been thinking of buying an auto, could ride the Ace 125, no problems. I can see young people loving the old school look, which my 13-year-old daughter confirmed.
What about the enthusiast who cannot come up with the 10k or so for the Honda Dream 50? A mate of mine made an interesting comment that he spends thousands on art to hang on his wall.
He loves motorcycles and decided he could see the value in the $2995 ride away price and he may just make the Ace 125 his most favoured piece of art in his shed. That put it all in perspective for me. How good would the Skyteam Ace look parked and slightly elevated in a motorcycle shed, just beside my adult drink cooler?

Now as I said $2995 ride away is pretty hard to beat.
If you want to be picky, go and spend around 10k for a very similar looking bike out of Japan. The Ace comes with 12 months warranty. Importers Ikonik state they have invested a ‘significant amount’ into spare parts, service and support. A very special thanks to Jo at Wickham Motorcycle Co, situated in Newcastle NSW (02) 4969 6525, for providing the Skyteam Ace 125 test machine.
I really enjoyed the ride.
See for more information.
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